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The following Privacy notice outlines the way in which Nude Tanning and Beauty Ltd (trading as Nude Nail and Beauty Bar), collects, uses, and protects your personal information that you supply us with. 

Nude Tanning and Beauty Ltd takes your privacy seriously and only uses your information to provide a service to you safely and effectively. We are the data controller and process your personal data for the purpose laid out in this privacy notice.

What Personal Information is collected?

At Nude Tanning and Beauty Ltd we collect information to allow us to run our business correctly and to carry out suitable treatments that meet the industry’s standards safely. 

The personal data that we collect are as follows:

· Name 

· Email Address

· Contact Telephone Number

· Medical History 

When and how is your Personal Information collected?

Your personal information is collected at different points: 

· When booking your appointment 

· Subscribing online to our mailing list

· When filling out your client card

· Filling in any changes to your client card if they occur

Your personal information is collected through the following ways:

When you book an appointment for the first time at Nude Nail and Beauty Bar you will be asked for your name, email address and contact telephone number. This will be collected through our booking system Ovatu when you either book online, through social media, phone or in person. 

At your first appointment you will be asked to fill out a client card, providing us with relevant medical history. This will also be referred to at the start of other treatments and in the case of changes to your medical history will be asked to amend your client card so that it is accurate. 

On our website we have a section that allows clients to sign up to our mailing list and asks for your name and email address in order to do this. 

Why do we require this personal information?

Nude Tanning and Beauty Ltd requires your personal information by law to ensure all treatments that are carried out are suitable and the correct products and aftercare are provided. We will only ever collect information that is required for us to provide you with a high standard service. 

Why we process your personal information?

Your personal information is processed for us to successfully run our business and to meet the industry guidelines. 

Your personal information is processed for the following reasons:

· To allow us to create customer accounts, which you can access at any time to book appointments, check your booking history or your personal information stored.

· To allow us to track your booking history and any upcoming reservations.

· For your client card to be filed and easily accessed by staff at your appointments to ensure safe practice.

· For Insurance purposes.

· To send you confirmation emails of your reservations that have been booked.

· To send your email/ text reminders of your appointments.

· To contact you regarding any changes to your appointments.

· To send you marketing information or news through email/text.

Safeguarding your personal information

Nude Tanning and Beauty Ltd has put in place the appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information is protected. Your personal information is stored within our booking software Ovatu. This information can only be accessed by the authorised employees of Nude Tanning and Beauty Ltd, and by the individual themselves. Access restrictions are put in place on our software, so that only authorised employees have access to your personal data. Your information will only be accessed upon booking your appointment and before your/ during your appointment, to allow your therapist to prepare your treatment to ensure safe practice. 

Your rights

As the individual you hold rights over the information that is collected and held about you and at any time you have the right to the following:

· Access your own personal information.

· Learn how your information is obtained, stored and who access.

· Change your information if it is incorrect.

· Have your personal information transferred to another business.

· Unsubscribe to direct marketing.

· Request the removal of your personal information.

Childrens Privacy 

Nude Tanning and Beauty Ltd takes the privacy of your children very seriously and is why we will not collect any personal information on any miner under the age of 13 without their parent or guardian’s permission. 

What happens if I don’t give you my personal information?

If you choose to not provide your information, then you will not receive any marketing or news. Furthermore, you will not receive any booking confirmations or appointment reminders. Please note that without certain personal information, due to our legal obligations we will be unable to carry out certain treatments and services. 

Data Sharing 

Nude Tanning and Beauty Ltd take the privacy of your personal information seriously and fully comply with GDPR to ensure this. Your personal information will never be passed/ shared or sold on to any third parties other than Ovatu and Go Daddy. 

Data Processors 

Data processors are third parties who process data on our behalf. We as a business use two third parties; Ovatu and Go Daddy. Both third parties fully comply with GDPR and will never share or disclose your data and will always hold all personal data securely, and no action will be taken without strict instruction from us the data controller. 


Nude Tanning and Beauty Ltd use software provided by Ovatu that allow us to schedule appointments, manage our diary, store our client database safely, and able us to send direct marketing to those clients. 

Go Daddy

Go Daddy is our website builder that allows us to track visitors to our website for our own reports. Allow users to subscribe to our mailing list. Provides us with the platform to create marketing campaigns to mailed out to our subscribed mailing list. 

How long do you keep my personal information for?

By law we are required to keep your basic details such as name, number, email and medical history for a minimum of 7 years, after which this information can be safely destroyed. 


In the occurrence that you want to make a complaint about how your personal data was gathered or processed by Nude Tanning and Beauty Ltd, or you are not satisfied about how a complaint has been handled, you retain the right to lodge a complaint directly with the supervisory authority and Nude Tanning and Beauty Ltd. 

Data Protection Commissioner:

Information Commissioner’s Office 

Wycliffe House 

Water Lane 




+44 (0) 303 123 1113

Nude Tanning and Beauty Ltd data protection officer/ GDPR owner:

Louise McShane

1608 Paisley Road West


G52 3QN

0141 237 3433